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Project Management

Project Management

We take over the responsibility for project delivery.

From the first contact with the client we establish the key client needs and deliverables, and establish from this a clear strategy for the delivery of the project challenging the assumptions and establishing the constraints and risks.

Early involvement is beneficial, we would prefer to be the first “phone call”. This allows us to influence the early discussions, and the consultant team assembly. At this early stage we develop a plan for Project execution, identify risks and solutions, strive for a position of knowledge and certainty as early as possible.

Project manager Services include:
  • Acquisition and development Feasibility Advice
  • Delivery strategy and Project execution plan
  • Risk reporting and analysis
  • Programme management
  • Consultant team assembly
  • Contractor selection
  • FF&E coordination and supply chain analysis
  • Legal interface for AFL or Funding on construction issues
Employers Agent

Employers Agent

Administrating construction projects on our clients behalf.

We represent the client in the assembly of contract documentation advising on its suitability for the project and its unique parameters.

Once in the construction phase we administer the contract on the clients behalf, ensuring all of the obligations passed through to the client for the design or third party agreements are met.

Projects by their very nature change, from the outset we implement a change management process, allowing the client to make the key decisions swiftly to allow the project to Proceed as planned.

Employers agent Services include:
  • Contract assembly with legal parties
  • Chairing all site progress meetings
  • Regular Dashboard client reports
  • Programme management
  • Completion sign off and certification
  • Change management
  • Valuations (where D&B contract)
Cost Consultancy

Cost Consultancy

Cost planning, feasibilities and construction cost management

The financial constraints from the outset determine the viability of a project. We work the client to understand their budget and the sensitivities that determine likely returns on Investment, and crucially how they are driven.

We advise our client as early as possible on budgets, we prepare feasibility budgets and cost plans as the design develops. We challenge every aspect of the project and process, optimising the opportunities for greater cost efficiency and value.

Cost consultant services include:
  • General cost advice
  • Feasibility Budgets
  • Cost Planning
  • Contractor selection/ tendering and financial analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Change management
  • Valuations

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